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Tumblr, the most popular social blogging network of the moment, has its own official application for iPhone, which will allow you to do tons of actions from your iOS device.

Among the app's features, in addition to uploading text, images, video, and music, you will be able to take a photograph directly from Tumblr's interface and automatically upload it to your blog.

The app will also automatically search for the contacts on your phone that have a Tumblr account and allow you to easily add them to your followers--or not, if their blogs don't interest you, of course.

As usual, you can also write and respond to private messages from the app's interface, and even see which things you've "liked" at any moment.

Tumblr is an app that has some weaknesses, but which allows its followers to always be connected 24 hours a day. Of course it isn't perfect, as it can be unstable at times; however, it allows you to manage your Tumblr account with ease.
Tumblr now includes stickers and filters in its app

So apparently the new rule for all apps where images play a big role is that they've all gotta have stickers, amirite? At least that's what it looks like from the latest updates to the WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger apps. The latest big name to jump on this bandwagon is Tumblrnow you can enjoy stickers and filters from its Android app.
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